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come farsi regalare l'anello di fidanzamento

convincing your boyfriend to get you a custom-made engagement ring

You’d be surprised to know how much we rely on men to pop the question!  If you’re starting to think it’s hopeless and that he’ll ever give you a hand-crafted engagement ring, I have a few tips for you…

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fedine fidanzamento

customised engagement rings

Engagement rings are definitely the most widely recognised token of love, and can leave even the most hardened soul teary-eyed. The trouble is that they often make a one-sided gift, meant exclusively for the man to give the woman. There are, however, many couples who wish to exchange a gift to symbolise their unity, placing a ring on the left hand of both partners. . .so what’s the best solution in this case? Two customised engagement rings!

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when is the best time to give the engagement ring?

Engagement rings, in the eyes of modern couples, are not necessarily tied to a traditional marriage proposal anymore. Deciding whether, as well as how and when to give the engagement ring, is very personal and nuanced, so there’s no one-size-fits-all method. Each individual couple can take its own approach. Nowadays, engagement rings are all about passion!

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