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Photo: Ermannno Friso

My name is Eva and I’m a goldsmith. I specialise in making engagement and wedding rings entirely by hand. I’m not a fan of mass-produced rings, I don’t have a catalogue to order from, nor do I make copies of celebrity jewellery.

While I admit I’m a perfectionist, my rings aren’t totally perfect because I make them entirely with my own hands! Devoting my full attention and focus to each of my creations is very important to me. My passion and skill go into making each one beautiful. That’s why I enjoy meeting or chatting with my clients, and always make sure that I gain an insight into what they’d like to express through their jewellery. Come to see me in my lab or call me on Skype and you can play an active role in creating your handmade ring. Helping me design and create your ring is a wonderful, unique experience! An engagement or wedding ring that your partner will wear day after day, year after year, throughout your lives. I love  to find ways to make the rings reflect who you are. Customised rings are a touching way to tell your story.

It starts with pencil and paper. For some, a blank slate feels overwhelming, but I’m here to guide you. Tell me your thoughts and I’ll help translate them into three-dimensional shapes.

Sometimes, to draw inspiration we may look at a photo of the greatest passion or valued possession of the person who will be wearing the ring.

The creation phase is the most magical, and is where your ring begins to take shape. This is where the flow of ideas takes off from pencil and paper and becomes actual shape and colour.

My story


Photo: Ermannno Friso

I earned my Diploma in Sculpture from the Istituto d’Arte Pietro Selvatico di Padova (Art Institue in Padua, Italy), where I learned three-dimensional design and still-life drawing, working with clay, plaster, marble, stone, and wood. I even made leather masks for the Commedia dell’Arte performances (a form of 16th century Italian theatre), thanks to the incredible talent of the Sartori Family.

Then I went on to pursue a degree in Chemical Sciences for Conservation and Restoration at the University of Venice. Realizing that I needed an outlet for my creativity, I started making jewellery with simple, yet inspiring materials – my grandmother’s glass buttons, an old piece of lace, a bit of Venetian pearl, and seashells or pebbles from the beach.

Looking for a goldsmithing course where I could refine my technique, I met my mentor, goldsmith Lucia Davanzo, who was herself a student of Francesco Pavan.

The next years were filled with hard yet fulfilling work, preparing for many exhibitions, and the highlights were: The Game Show; Lucca Preziosa Young 2008; Fiera di Arte Padova (Padua convention centre) 2011; 3650 – Feminine at dawn; Il riscatto dello Scarto (Redemption of Scrap); Bella Gioia! Italian Contemporary Jewelry; Gioielli in fermento (Jewellery in turmoil) 2013; Concorso nazionale di moda etica (National ethical fashion competition); Intrecci, trafori e gioielli veri tutti d’oro, d’argento e… polimeri (Weaves, fretwork, and jewellery in gold, silver, and. . .polymers).

Contact me with any questions or requests!

Eva Franceschini

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