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My name is Eva. Tell me your story and what kind of ring you’d like. Talk to me about the person who will be wearing it.

For over 10 years my passion has been to create absolutely unique, customised rings, made to order. Your loved one will feel special knowing they won’t find the same ring anywhere in the world. I’ll craft the ring of your dreams by hand.

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ethical diamonds – a responsible choice

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Making jewellery with ethical diamonds means adding even more value to your jewellery. Ethical diamonds are made from mines that don’t exploit workers or the environment, as is unfortunately the case in many contexts. Jewellery adorned with ethical diamonds comes with a certain ‘human’ value because it isn’t the result of suffering or exploitation.

Surprise her!

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How can you pull off a really great surprise for your lovely girlfriend / future fiancé? With my experience I can help you: a technical eye and a look at the bigger picture to help you create a moment that will steal her heart, surprising her with a unique ring just for her!

measuring diamond weight in carats

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When taking measurements we always refer to a specific unit of measurement. To measure distances we have metres, to weigh objects we use kilograms, and so on. We have a special unit for measuring diamond weight: carats.