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Are you looking for a wedding or engagement ring that is completely handmade and customised just for you? Maybe an original, ethical solitaire or trilogy ring? Or perhaps even a wedding ring or set of wedding rings to celebrate the happiest day of your lives together? Contact me – I can make it happen. Together we’ll design the perfect ring to symbolise your bond. I’ll make it from scratch and hand over a beautiful creation so you can celebrate your engagement or wedding with the love of your life. If you’re like me and aren’t satisfied with what’s on display at the big, commercial jewellers, and you want a ring that’s not only customised but also made exclusively with ethical materials, don’t hesitate to contact me. I handcraft jewellery designed specifically for the person who will be wearing it, and I only use ethical, conflict-free diamonds. My mission is to create jewellery you will love!

Please don’t contact me if…

…you’re rushed and want a ring within 10 days; it takes at least 4 weeks to create your ring.

…to ask for a catalogue. However I can show you photos of rings I’ve made, which can be a starting point for designing your ring.

…you want a ring that’s identical to one I’ve made in the past, or a copy of a ring you’ve seen somewhere else.

If after reading this page you have questions, or would like to request to have a ring made, please fill out the form below.

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