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Ethical, artisan rings concept


This is how a unique, precious and eternal ring is created

I make each piece of jewellery by hand, from a new custom design. Each one is individually crafted, to be absolutely unique.

I only use certified Canadian ethical diamonds, because I want my rings to symbolise an extraordinary love while also respecting the environment and local communities.

My wish is for each ring to be a reflection of the person wearing it, so I start by building a dialogue with my clients involving them in the creative process and making my lab a place of sharing and experimentation. To make a customised ring I need the person who commissioned it to tell me about the person who will be wearing it, so I can help translate their story into shape and texture.
This is how my handcrafted rings start taking shape!





  1. DRAFT

This step is the most fun. We jot down ideas, shapes, and concepts on a blank sheet of paper. You talk, I draw and doodle – this is the time to share. When I notice that you like one idea in particular, I start showing you variations and adding details, until together we find the right design.


After calculating the thickness needed to make your ring, I melt the gold in the furnace, and then I laminate and file it by hand, and start creating the shape. Sometimes this step is quite laborious – I need to use pliers, hammers, small anvils, etc. . .until I am completely happy with the end result.


I shape my jewellery using a blowtorch. This tool has now largely become obsolete and replaced with electric welding machines or lasers, but I still prefer to use it because it gives me complete control over the flame – although it also requires strong lungs!


Before finishing, the stone needs to be embedded in the ring. For this delicate process, every artisan goldsmith works with a trusted stone-setter who prepares the bezel and finally works the metal to secure the stone in place.


The ring is complete and placed in a gift box. You will also receive a certificate with all the details relating to the diamond, its origin and unique code which is laser-etched onto the diamond itself.

The rest is up to you!


Do you have any questions? Would you like to know more about how I can make the perfect ring for you? Get in touch!
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