• 1- “Martellate” – fedi in oro bianco martellato, con diamanti / “Hammered” – White gold rings, hammered, with diamonds
  • 2- “Insieme”- Fedi in oro giallo, incise a mano internamente / “Together”- Yellow gold rings, engraved by hand
  • 3- “Talita”- Fedi in oro giallo martellate, con inserto in oro bianco / “Talita” – Yellow gold rings, hammered, with white gold insert
  • 4- “Emma”- Fedi in oro bianco nickel free, martellate / “Emma” – White nickel free gold rings, hammered
  • 5- “Ibisco”- Fede in oro bianco incisa a mano / “Hibiscus” – White gold ring, engraved by hand
  • 6- “Talita”- Fedi bicolore: dentro oro bianco, fuori oro giallo / “Talita” – Two-coloured rings: white gold inside, yellow gold outside
  • 7- “Insieme”- Fedi in oro giallo martellate, modello classica rovesciata / “Together”– Hammered yellow gold rings, rounded inside edge
  • 8- “Ali”- Fedi differenti con rubini, in oro rosa e bianco, incise a mano con simboli cari agli sposi / “Wings” – Two different rings, white and rose gold, with rubies, hand engraved with symbols chosen by the bride and groom
  • 9- “Riccardo”- Fedi differenti in oro bianco martellate: veretta con diamanti e fede alta / “Riccardo” – Two different white gold rings, hammered, with small 0.01 kt diamonds
  • 10- “Alberto”- Fedi differenti con inserti personalizzati: una in oro bianco e l’altra in oro giallo / “Alberto” – Two different rings, one in white gold and one in yellow gold, with personalised inserts
  • 11- “Raggi”- Fedi in oro bianco nickel free, lucidate a specchio con profilo battuto / “Rays”– White nickel free gold rings, polished, with hammered profile
  • 12- “Skagen”- fedi in oro bianco e oro bianco nickel free, satinate / “Skagen”- White nickel free and white gold rings, satin
  • 13- “Fede”- Fedi in oro bianco satinate, con diamante nero e bianco / “Fede”– White gold satin rings, with black and white diamonds
  • 14- “Mondrian”- Fede in oro bianco incisa a mano, ripartita in più sezioni con diverse simbologie / “Mondrian” – white gold ring, engraved by hand divided in various sections with different symbols
  • 15- “Glenda”- Fedi in oro giallo con inserti in oro bianco che formano le iniziali degli sposi / “Glenda” – Yellow gold rings with white gold inserts, forming the bride and groom’s initials
  • 16- “Barbara”- Fede aperta in oro bianco, martellata e satinata / “Barbara” – Open white gold ring, hammered and satin
  • 17- “Impronta”- fedi in oro rosa con l’impronta della figlia / “Fingerprint” – Rose gold rings with the couple’s daughter’s fingerprint
  • 18- “Aretha”- fedi in oro bianco con finitura invertita: satinata e incisa / “Aretha” – white gold rings with complementary finishes: satin and engraved
  • 19- “Miriam”- fedi in oro giallo martellato, incisione a ellisse e 2 diamanti / “Miriam”- hammered yellow gold rings, oval shape engraved by hand, with 2 diamonds
  • 20- “Duo”- fedi in oro bianco nickel free / “Duo”- White nickel free gold rings
  • 21- “Boteh”- Fedi in oro bianco incise a mano / “Boteh”- White gold rings engraved by hand
  • 22- “Pat”- Fedi curve martellate, abbinate all’anello di fidanzamento / “Pat”- Hammered curved rings, coordinate to the engagement ring
  • 23- “Green”- Fedi in oro bianco satinato / “Green”- White gold rings satin
  • 24- “LC”- Fedi con iniziali componibili / “LC”- White gold rings with white gold inserts, forming the bride and groom’s initials
  • 25- “Quattro”- Fedi bicolore (oro giallo e bianco) martellate / “Four”- White and yellow gold rings, hammered


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