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Making jewellery with ethical diamonds means adding even more value to your jewellery. Ethical diamonds are made from mines that don’t exploit workers or the environment, as is unfortunately the case in many contexts.

Jewellery adorned with ethical diamonds comes with a certain ‘human’ value because it isn’t the result of suffering or exploitation.

ring with ethical diamond

Ethical Engagement Ring (photo by Massimo Farina)

These diamonds are from Canada, and were mined in accordance with governmental laws protecting workers’ human rights to ensure dignity and safe working conditions for the workers, as well as respect for the environment. Often, traditional diamonds are brought to the market as a result of war, human rights abuses, and environmental damage. Reports of such abuses are controversial (the main producers’ associations refute these claims), but when in doubt, it’s best to go with ethical diamonds!

These are certified ethical diamonds thanks to their technical specifications (purity, colour, cut, carat weight) and adherence to the “Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct”. They always come with a certificate of origin. Every single stone is laser-etched with a unique code followed by a Canadian leaf which makes the diamond unique and traceable.

I make engagement rings exclusively with “conflict free diamonds”. If you are looking to give the gift of ethical jewellery you will find it in my creations! Contact me.


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