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How can you pull off a really great surprise for your lovely girlfriend / future fiancé? With my experience I can help you: a technical eye and a look at the bigger picture to help you create a moment that will steal her heart, surprising her with a unique ring just for her!

gift for her

Customised ring with an ethical diamond for Cesare’s girlfriend. Ring created by Eva.

There’s no one right way to ask her to be your wife. There is no special technique you need to learn. Everyone should to it their own way, following their inspiration. The main goal is to impress and surprise her, making it a moment she will never forget.

Having worked as a goldsmith for many years, I have a good eye for this kind of thing, and can help you brainstorm ideas for how to propose, as well as guide you in the process of creating a beautiful ring!

If you already have a very clear idea in mind – for example, you know exactly when and where you want to propose, you’ve already planned the whole thing – bravo!! Then all that’s left for us to do is design a ring that will work perfectly in that magic moment. For example, Cesare had planned everything for the big moment, while his girlfriend didn’t know her life was about to change. He decided to meet 300 kilometres from home to pop the question, in one of the most romantic destinations in the world: Venice.

If, however, you’re not a big planner, and like to be spontaneous, you’ll need a ring handy for the moment you feel it’s the right time… when she leasts expects it!

You will propose in your own special way, and each couple deserves a  customised engagement ring!

We can work together to make a unique, one-of-a-kind engagement ring, Contact me! I’m totally discrete so I can help you keep this unique gift a secret up until the magic moment.

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