celebrity engagement rings: are they really anything special?

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We all love the magic of fairy tales – that feeling of happiness that we’re all after. To a certain degree, fairy tales seem to be played out in the lives of celebrities, which are so full of special occasions, travel, elegant dresses, and of course, dream jewellery! Today we’ll talk about a few celebrity engagement rings. . .

Three very famous, yet very unique engagement rings.

Three very famous, yet very unique engagement rings.

Some celebrity jewellery sets the media abuzz for weeks. A few years ago, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, with its gorgeous sapphire surrounded by a cascade of diamonds, caught the attention of women around the world. And we all know about the Taylor-Burton diamond. A colossal gemstone in the shape of a teardrop made history!

When it comes to celebrity wedding and engagement rings, women’s interest is always high. Among the most envied celebrity rings in the world is Eva Longoria‘s unforgettable 5-carats. There’s also Nicole Kidman, whose ring from Keith Urban went viral on the internet. What is it that grabs our attention the most? In my opinion, it’s part curiosity, part old-world charm, and part gossip about our own, modern fairy tales of faraway lands and extravagant lifestyles. Didn’t the sensational engagement ring Tom Cruise gave to Katie Holmes seem like a perfect fairy tale ring? Yet, the epilogue of their story demonstrates that the high economic value of celebrity engagement rings guarantees nothing! The same goes for Paris Hilton’s diamonds, which we’ve lost count of.

What really matters is for the ring to be designed just for the woman who will end up wearing it, so that the person who gives her the ring can become a part of her. You can only accomplish this with an artisan ring. Even the stars agree, since, after all, Brad Pitt designed Angelina Jolie’s ring alongside the goldsmith who crafted it. That’s why I like it so much!

But of course, you’d need to be a millionaire to be able to pull off the same thing.

Come see me in my lab, I’ll help you create an engagement ring that will be quite simply priceless because you helped design it!


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