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convincing your boyfriend to get you a custom-made engagement ring

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You’d be surprised to know how much we rely on men to pop the question!  If you’re starting to think it’s hopeless and that he’ll ever give you a hand-crafted engagement ring, I have a few tips for you…

get your boyfriend to give you an engagement ring

Two engagement rings designed and customised by Eva in white gold and diamonds.

First: don’t stress him out too much. Otherwise you risk rushing him into just heading over to the high street to buy a ready made ring.

Second: go for an artisan engagement ring that’s tailor handmade, personalised and impossible to replicate, just like the bond between the two of you. Beautiful as they may be there are many identical diamonds. But how many women out there will have a hand-crafted engagement ring, just like yours? None, because I only make unique pieces, made to order, and designed specifically for the person who will be wearing them.

Third: to make sure you get the right engagement ring, you must say the right thing! Tell him sweetly: “Darling, the size of the diamond is not important. What counts is the passion you put into creating and designing it together with Eva”

Fourth: the customised ring I can make for you is a precious, artistic object which will set you apart from the crowd in a world that tends to be obsessed with famous brand names.

Fifth: gold and diamonds are always excellent investments for the future. This is a point your boyfriend should appreciate!

Sixth: buying hand made jewellery helps artisans like me to continue thriving amongst the competition from multinationals who mass-produce jewellery.

I hope these quick, yet important reminders will help you convince your boyfriend to get you a customised engagement ring – created by me!

Contact me – three heads are better than one when it comes to designing your dream ring!


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