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Ethical diamonds

ethical diamonds – a responsible choice

Making jewellery with ethical diamonds means adding even more value to your jewellery. Ethical diamonds are made from mines that don’t exploit workers or the environment, as is unfortunately the case in many contexts.

Jewellery adorned with ethical diamonds comes with a certain ‘human’ value because it isn’t the result of suffering or exploitation.

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come farsi regalare l'anello di fidanzamento

convincing your boyfriend to get you a custom-made engagement ring

You’d be surprised to know how much we rely on men to pop the question!  If you’re starting to think it’s hopeless and that he’ll ever give you a hand-crafted engagement ring, I have a few tips for you…

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evolution of the diamond cut – a historical perspective

Cutting is the process that modifies the rough shape of a stone, facilitates setting, and enhances its shine and colour.

What differentiates gemstones from simple, hard stones is their particular internal crystalline structure, which determines their type of growth. For centuries master carvers have studied and experimented to find the ideal cut based on each gemstone’s type of crystal lattice structure.

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