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Often when customers come to my lab, they are fascinated by the different tools I use to make rings, and want to know how the rings are crafted. Today I want to tell you about one of the most important, and possibly entertaining parts of creating a golden ring: casting.

The process of artisan engagement ring casting is the first concrete step towards creating a piece of jewellery while it’s still in the production phase. It allows me to recast yellow gold into a 750 stamped alloy with a result of either white gold or pink gold.

When crafting wedding rings lots of people like using their own gold – something old, from the house, like their baptism necklace or possibly mismatched communion earrings, to make the ring even more unique and symbolic of their faith. I find that creating a unique piece of jewellery with gold can in some ways be a very affectionate and romantic, yet smart choice.

For artisan casting of a 750 stamped yellow gold alloy, I put pure gold into the furnace weighed along with copper and silver. I light the torch and start to raise the temperature. Pure gold alloy tends to have a low melting point, and also gets harder while maintaining its excellent flexibility. To keep it clean over time I add a while salt called borax.

As it gets closer to the melting point, the metals begin melding together to form the alloy, up to the point of total fusion in which the metal loses its solid form and becomes a shiny, liquid sphere. I really enjoy this phase – I find liquid gold very alluring.

At this point I pour the liquid metal into a bracket, where it immediately solidifies into a brick. Now I finally hold in my hand the piece of gold on which I can express my creativity: depending on the model I’m going to use, I’ll begin rolling or drawing, and the much-desired symbol of love begins to take shape between my hands.

So what are you waiting for? Let me hand-make your engagement ring. Contact me.


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