the difference between platinum and white gold: explained

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“Is platinum the same thing as white gold?” – “But isn’t platinum more valuable than gold?” – “Why should I go with jewellery made of platinum instead of white gold, or vice versa?”. These are two very different materials which are perpetually confused with one another. Here’s a brief overview of the main differences between platinum and white gold to clear things up, and help you make a final decision between the two!

difference between platinum and white gold

The biggest difference between platinum and white gold for us artisans is malleability.

Industry and mass production – I never get tired of saying it – lead to a type of “precise uniformity” which masks the jewellery’s differences and unique characteristics. That’s why industrial jewellery in platinum or white gold, which undergoes a process called rhodium plating, ends up with a very similar colour – a cool, shiny, silver look. Without this process, platinum has a greyish white colour, while white gold has a warm golden hue. Additionally, platinum and white gold are two very different materials. White gold is actually a  750 stamped alloy, meaning it’s a compound of pure gold and another element – nickel, silver, or palladium. Platinum, on the other hand, like pure gold, is a naturally occurring metal and has its own spot on the Periodic Table of Elements.

Platinum still enjoys its reputation as the non plus ultra of the noble metals. Until a few years ago it was used for crafting precious jewelled ornaments, such as solitaires with diamonds. Platinum is clearly a “great classic” from its extraordinary prices. It’s like pure gold, characterized by an almost complete chemical inertia, with a strong resistance to both corrosion and oxidation and is used in jewellery with 95% purity. Unlike the gold alloy, it’s also highly hypoallergenic. On the other hand, this material, being less malleable than gold, is harder for artisans to work with.

One disadvantage of platinum is that the price is unstable, making gold seem like a “safe haven”, when platinum reaches dizzying prices. These two metals can be considered more or less equivalent, however, platinum has physical characteristics that make it almost impossible for an artisan to craft by hand: this is the biggest difference between platinum and white gold!

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