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customised engagement rings

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Engagement rings are definitely the most widely recognised token of love, and can leave even the most hardened soul teary-eyed. The trouble is that they often make a one-sided gift, meant exclusively for the man to give the woman. There are, however, many couples who wish to exchange a gift to symbolise their unity, placing a ring on the left hand of both partners. . .so what’s the best solution in this case? Two customised engagement rings!

engagement rings

Pair of customised engagement rings crafted by Eva.

Aside from the engagement ring and the wedding ring there’s also the eternity ring, highly popular among young couples and lovers who, not wishing to get married, would like to exchange a token of love that represents the concept of trust and mutual fidelity. For some, this replaces the classic engagement ring, but for others it represents something even deeper. What’s certain is that it’s always nice to exchange a gift when you are in love. So why hold back – especially since the outcome can be truly amazing and original if you go with an artisan who, like me, can create custom band, based on your own tastes and preferences? Personally, I always recommend picking out golden bands, or at least some kind of wear-resistant metal. After all, you’ll be wearing your rings at all times throughout the day, every day. That being said, you are free to choose the shape, colour, and engravings that will make this piece of jewellery unique.

I recently created two beautiful curved engagement rings for Nicola, a young man who wanted to give his girlfriend a special gift. He wanted to represent his love with two white gold rings, so I suggested the curved shape – one with a sandstone finish, and the other with a shiny finish – both with the sweethearts’ initials hand-engraved on the inside.

The result was simply wonderful, and I was thrilled to see the joy on Nicola’s face when I first showed him the finished product. You can create your own customised engagement rings too! Contact me.


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