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birthday gift ideas for her

Do you rack your brain every year trying to think of what to give your other half for her birthday? Or do you find yourself full of gift ideas but you end up deciding that none of them are good enough?

I bet she’ll appreciate a beautiful ring for her birthday… much more than a new mobile phone. Keep in mind that technology may be handy but a gemstone is a great investment and an excellent gift idea!

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how to find the right ring size

Once you’ve picked out the right ring for her, you may find yourself panicking over the question: “What is your future fiancé’s ring size?”. Now just take a deep breath and stay calm. I’ve thought this through and figured out a few quick solutions. Read more here!

The measurement you need is the circumference of the ring finger on her left hand, where she’ll wear the engagement ring (once you’re married, she can decide whether to carry on with it on the same side as the wedding ring, or rather, to move it to the right hand). Of course, it’s not every day that you have an excuse to measure your girlfriend’s fingers. And it’s less straightforward than something like a T-shirt size! But with a bit of brains it’s certainly possible.

So, how to take measurements of her ring finger? Well, if your girlfriend already has a few rings she wears pretty often on her ring finger, you can bring the sample ring directly to me at my laboratory. If, however, she’s always wearing the ring so you don’t have any way of snagging it without her noticing, you could secretly take an imprint of it on a bar of soap and bring it to me. Of course things gets tougher for those of us whose future fiancés don’t wear any rings. In this case, we’ll need a more intricate plan: you could go to a market together and jokingly buy a wooden ring in the right size; or go to a jeweller together and have her try on some different models, keeping track of her size (fortunately ring measurements are international!).

Download file: RING SIZE

Above is a table of ring sizes I’ve created in pdf format for your reference. It’s easy to print on an A4 sheet of paper, then place the ring on top and find the matching circle to indicate her size. Then all that’s left for you to do is send me the number. And that’s how it’s done!

This is absolutely the best way to calculate the right ring size, so don’t bother with other, unreliable tools like gauges and rules. And of course, try to keep it a secret!

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