when is the best time to give the engagement ring?

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Engagement rings, in the eyes of modern couples, are not necessarily tied to a traditional marriage proposal anymore. Deciding whether, as well as how and when to give the engagement ring, is very personal and nuanced, so there’s no one-size-fits-all method. Each individual couple can take its own approach. Nowadays, engagement rings are all about passion!

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Some say regardless of when you offer the engagement ring, just make sure you do it on the beach. . .

Once upon a time the tradition was for the man to give the woman an engagement ring exactly one year before the wedding date. Offering the ring was part of the marriage proposal, so having it increased his odds of a “yes” answer. This custom has now faded, and the number of couples who break out the engagement rings precisely one year in advance has significantly decreased.

These days, giving an engagement ring quite simply means that you have declared a very strong bond with the other person. It means you’ve represented your undying love for your partner with something as durable and unique as a ring, which (if she says yes) will always be with her as she goes about her daily life. The ‘right moment‘ is a thing of the past – nowadays the decision is based on what is in each person’s heart. You must ask yourself: “Do I want to spend the rest of my life with this person?”. If the answer is “Yes!”, the right moment has arrived. Now you’re ready to give her the engagement ring, regardless of whether your future together involves a wedding.

Since we’ve begun to look past the issue of when to give the ring, I find the question of how much more fascinating. For example, Soli, an athletic young man from Spain with a big heart, decided to give a solitaire ring to Alessia right on the beach where they had their first kiss. What a hopeless romantic! Soli picked out a customised engagement ring that’s completely ethical, too. As you can see, the white gold ring I crafted for this young couple of divers resembles the sea: it’s made of two curved, asymmetrical waves which are shaped around a sparkling, round cut, ethical diamond. The stone is set is like a sun setting slowly over the waves. . .

The ring you select to symbolise your feelings is the most wonderful surprise you can give to the woman you love. Forget calendars and just listen to your heart!

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