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birthday gift ideas for her

Do you rack your brain every year trying to think of what to give your other half for her birthday? Or do you find yourself full of gift ideas but you end up deciding that none of them are good enough?

I bet she’ll appreciate a beautiful ring for her birthday… much more than a new mobile phone. Keep in mind that technology may be handy but a gemstone is a great investment and an excellent gift idea!

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celebrity engagement rings: are they really anything special?

We all love the magic of fairy tales – that feeling of happiness that we’re all after. To a certain degree, fairy tales seem to be played out in the lives of celebrities, which are so full of special occasions, travel, elegant dresses, and of course, dream jewellery! Today we’ll talk about a few celebrity engagement rings. . .

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customised men’s rings

Until the beginning of the last century, men rivalled women in terms of wearing jewellery, especially when it came to rings, but with the passage of time this tradition has faded and it’s becoming increasingly rare for men to wear any kind of ring other than their wedding ring. While I’d like to see this trend reverse someday, in this post I’ll tell you about a ring I recently had the pleasure of crafting for a man.

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ring engravings: how and why

One of the most traditional and popular ways to customise rings is by engraving them with a few words or a design. Most common are rings with a special date inscribed on the inside surface. Do you know how and why this impacts the jewellery? I’ll give a brief explanation here!

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